Disability Action Group

Disability Action Group

In 2017, the Disability Action Group was formed to:

  • Provide a voice for local disabled people living in and around Whitehill & Bordon
  • Act as a conduit between local organisations and the disabled community
  • Influence decision making in the town
  • Improve and highlight disability access needs in and around Whitehill & Bordon.

The members of the planning group meet on a monthly basis at Lindford Village Hall and are keen for people living and working in the area with an interest in disability/special needs/accessibility to join them.

Current Activities:

  • The group are currently researching accessible footpaths and working with the Walking for Health group to improve opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy the open spaces in our town.
  • The group worked with the regeneration company to ensure the inclusion of three Changing Places facilities in the new town centre development.
  • The group participated in the Creative Wayfinding workshops contributing feedback and ideas to help improve the accessibility of routes to and from the new town centre.

Whitehill & Bordon Community Trust are supporting this group, along with a representative from Community First.

If you have an issue or idea for the group to consider, you can get in touch with the Disability Action Group using the following methods:

Visit the Facebook Group

Contact the Chair, Stephen Holden: 01420 475788 or email: wbdisabilityaction@gmail.com



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